...Winter Warmers

Hopefully having lots of these over the weekend in between footy grandfinals and after parties especially with the forecast being cold and wet. Oh well, all part of living in Melbourne - just as well I love the cold.   Hope you enjoy your weekend were ever you are and what ever you do.

                                                                                     image source unknown sorry

...that distinctive "Blue" colour

When I see this colour - I instantly think "Tiffany".  That beautiful turquoise blue conjures up a million images in my head.  Here are just a few of them (and some that you may not expect).

                                                                        Lady's scarf

                                                                      Luggage Tag

                                                                      ...and another one

                                                                 Padlock  Charm

                                                        Business Card Holder


                                                             Enamel Bracelet

images 8,13  & 14  via Obee Designs, Tiffany & Co.

.....Apples are so good for you

I weighed everything up (apple mac laptop versus  ipad) and took the plunge.  I bought my IPAD yesterday and I love it.  Thank you so much for leaving your comments and emails.  It really did make it easier for me to make my decision.  Lovely Brooke over at the fabulous Velvet and Linen (you really must check out her blog if you haven't already - she and her husband Steve are so talented) emailed me saying how handy her IPAD was on her last trip ie she used it for getting directions, finding hotels, restaurants and antique shops.  I am sure I will love my ipad more if I could drag it away from my youngest!!!   Have a happy week.

.....happy weekend

A bit dull and dreary here in Melbourne - hope the sun pokes through over the weekend.  Where ever you are I hope you have a good one.

....too precious to ignore

I am passionate about the future (and current status) of our planet and the health of it's people.  I don't know why it is necessary to use chemicals in our foods and our cleaning products when there are better and safer options.  Actually, I do know why - it comes down to making money, the corporates are greedy and don't think about "the people or the planet".  The sooner we can spread the word on natural products that actually work (see below) and organic foods that are nutrient rich and are not genetically modified like so much of our food is, the better.  I think most of you would be horrified if you knew what was in our foods without our knowledge.   A few years ago, I purchased a little booklet from Greenpeace that listed many of the GM (genetically modified) foods.  I thought I had a sound knowledge of what I was feeding my family. Boy did I come down to earth with a thud.  I thought I was doing the right thing in buying good old fashioned "butter" for example.  Well obviously butter is much better than margarine (margarine is one molecule away from plastic!!!!!!!) but to my horror good old Allowrie butter is full of GM ingredients.  Best to go for organic butters that are fortunately in nearly every supermarket now.

I have been using natural, safe cleaning products for a few years now.  Two of my faves are Murchison-Hume and Tri-Nature. 
Murchison-Hume's products are spectacular. They actually do what they say they will, and their packaging is very glamorous.   I use all of their products but one that I particularly like is the "Boys Bathroom Cleaner" - yes with 3 boys, I can testify to it's efficacy.

An Australian company started  by the very entrepreneurial Max Kater and her husband Peter.  A Sydney girl (American ex-pat)  who  obviously had a very clear vision and went for it.  The company is now  exporting all over the globe.  I am also pleased to see Murchison-Hume is on TVSN (my beloved shoppping channel on FOXTEL) and has a show scheduled for this Saturday at 3.30pm. 

Tri-Nature have many cleaning products, but the one I like the most is their dishwasher powder.  If someone has been  unlucky to have been diagnosed with cancer, one of the first things the Oncologist will tell them is to stop using dishwashing machine powder (e.g. Finish) because it is so toxic.  Go figure?  Why is it on the market in the first place??????????????  Tri-Nature's dishwashing powder is so safe you can actually eat it.

Thanks to Julie over at "Being Ruby" for her inspiration  on a recent post re "protecting our waterways".  If you would like to see this very thought provoking ad (below) , please scroll down to the bottom and turn off my playlist first.

..... only at HARRODS

Only at Harrods would you find these beauties.  I wouldn't be using those Bvlgari sunnies encrusted with 206 diamonds and embellished in 18k gold as driving glasses!!!!!!  And how glam is this new Versace phone?

Have a look here  and press on Harrods 360 (degrees) top left hand side and take a virtual tour of the most famous and glamorous store in the world - HARRODS.

....Back to School

Well back to school today (Uni goes back next week!).  It is the last semester for my middle son's senior school years and the last semester for my youngest son's primary school  years.  Quite an exciting time.

.... Our Govenor General

Quentin Bryce.  What a very stylish Lady we have representing our country as Governor -General.  And she didn't get the position of first female Govenor- General on style and good looks alone.  There are a number of "Firsts" for Mrs Bryce - she was the first female admitted to the bar in Queensland, the first director of the Queensland Women's Information,  the first woman to be appointed to the TC Beirne School of Law at the University of Qld faculty. She has six honorary degrees, has been awarded the Australian Sports Medal for Services to Women's Cricket, and the Centeneary Medal for Service to Australian society in business leadership.  Her appointments include an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in recognition of service to the community, particularly to women and children, in 2003 was elevated as a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) and in the same year was invested as a Dame of Grace of The most Venerable Order of The Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

Well, don't know about you but I am exhausted just reading this amazing CV and all the while maintaining a marriage and family.  Girls, get your daughters reading this - just proves again what an amazing time and country we are living in with such wonderful opportunities.

....I love APPLES

Hello there lovely girls.  Does anybody else share my IPAD love.  I don't have one yet (I say yet, as I am leaving hints to MM as I think it would make a fabulous birthday present!!!!)  Anyway, how easy would it be to read your fave book/mag anywhere.  When I go on holiday, my hand luggage is always so full of magazines and books - I would like to travel a little lighter and the IPAD delivers on that one  - more space for those 'shopping must haves'.  Granted, you can't beat a good book (in the physical sense I mean) but just for convenience it would be fabulous.  I "test drove" one last week and it was  easy to navigate (just like all apple products).  There are a few drawbacks though.  I am not sure if I should wait until there is an updated model or dive right in now.  You can't download pics to blogger for example.  Although I believe there will be an "app" one day - but when? and also no usb ports or disc drive.  But for convenience sake (particularly when travelling) are they really necessary?

I was "perusing" the lovely  Brooke Giannetti's blog at Velvet and Linen and she has found a fabulous interiors "app" to download and read on the IPAD.  There are over 200,000 apps to purchase now so I am sure I will find something!!!

I am such a lover on my iphone and imac that it just seems like a natural progression to get the IPAD.  Apple have just released their new mini imac too.  Oh  my goodness, should I go for that one instead?  Decisions, decisions, but seriously does anyone out there (yes, including all of you lovely "lurkers") know any interesting info about either one?  I would really love to hear if anybody knows about any "can't live without" apps for the IPAD too.

Speak soon.


  imac mini


.....oh what a Joy

Margaret and Joy are two very inspirational and creative women whom obviously (after reading a little about their story below) complement each other in more ways than one.

They were kind enough to allow me to use one of their beautiful images as my header. 

Joy Kilpatrick and Margaret Elman met many years ago as creative directors at an advertising agency in New York City.  This is where they first fell in love with food photography, the ongoing quest for the ultimate farmer's market salad recipe and each other's design sensibilities.  They worked together on a variety of brands, including Nestle and Kraft Foods and created many campaigns with some of the industry's most amazing photographers, stylists and directors.

Eventually, Margaret and Joy went on to start a bespoke furniture design company together called Chair Couture that has been featured in design magazines throughout the world.

And now, in another attempt to follow the path of creativity and self-actualization, they are shooting together and loving every
minute of it.

Here are just a few more examples of their beautiful work.