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I am passionate about the future (and current status) of our planet and the health of it's people.  I don't know why it is necessary to use chemicals in our foods and our cleaning products when there are better and safer options.  Actually, I do know why - it comes down to making money, the corporates are greedy and don't think about "the people or the planet".  The sooner we can spread the word on natural products that actually work (see below) and organic foods that are nutrient rich and are not genetically modified like so much of our food is, the better.  I think most of you would be horrified if you knew what was in our foods without our knowledge.   A few years ago, I purchased a little booklet from Greenpeace that listed many of the GM (genetically modified) foods.  I thought I had a sound knowledge of what I was feeding my family. Boy did I come down to earth with a thud.  I thought I was doing the right thing in buying good old fashioned "butter" for example.  Well obviously butter is much better than margarine (margarine is one molecule away from plastic!!!!!!!) but to my horror good old Allowrie butter is full of GM ingredients.  Best to go for organic butters that are fortunately in nearly every supermarket now.

I have been using natural, safe cleaning products for a few years now.  Two of my faves are Murchison-Hume and Tri-Nature. 
Murchison-Hume's products are spectacular. They actually do what they say they will, and their packaging is very glamorous.   I use all of their products but one that I particularly like is the "Boys Bathroom Cleaner" - yes with 3 boys, I can testify to it's efficacy.

An Australian company started  by the very entrepreneurial Max Kater and her husband Peter.  A Sydney girl (American ex-pat)  who  obviously had a very clear vision and went for it.  The company is now  exporting all over the globe.  I am also pleased to see Murchison-Hume is on TVSN (my beloved shoppping channel on FOXTEL) and has a show scheduled for this Saturday at 3.30pm. 

Tri-Nature have many cleaning products, but the one I like the most is their dishwasher powder.  If someone has been  unlucky to have been diagnosed with cancer, one of the first things the Oncologist will tell them is to stop using dishwashing machine powder (e.g. Finish) because it is so toxic.  Go figure?  Why is it on the market in the first place??????????????  Tri-Nature's dishwashing powder is so safe you can actually eat it.

Thanks to Julie over at "Being Ruby" for her inspiration  on a recent post re "protecting our waterways".  If you would like to see this very thought provoking ad (below) , please scroll down to the bottom and turn off my playlist first.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Sharon
Still love that ad... so effective I think... Well.. I didn't know about the dishwasher detergent.. although I don't have a dishwasher...except me!!! You know I'm really feeling achy all over since the move... that is in part from using cleaning products I normally wouldn't.. always has the same effect on me... [sensitive little thing I am.. hahaha]

Thanks so much for the mention [you're so sweet]... You know my post was part of Old Grey Mare's blog party which she will be holding 1st each month to raise awareness of issues such as this ,... be great if you join in next 1st!!

sorry I'm so slow to blog these days... still settling in and the internet in the new place is fickle!!! need to change providers... OK.. take care.. and thanks again!!! xxx Julie

Obee Designs said...

Thanks Sharon,
For telling or should I say reminding us to use kinder and gentler products on either ourselves or the environment. Wow, I did not know about the dish washing soap. I will be switching for sure! How scary is all of that? There was just a story on my local news this week about the link between breast cancer and cleaning supplies. It really makes you stop and think. Thanks for sharing these insights. I will definitely be going to the store today to buy more safe products to use!!! I hope your message helps save us.

I'm sorry to hear it is a little gloomy where you are. I hope you are still managing to have a good weekend, though!

A Room For Everyone said...

I hated the ad when I first saw it because it distressed me so much. But then I realised how effective it is and that it is perhaps what people need to see. I only use bicarb and vinegar to clean my surfaces and I use earth choice dishwasher tablets (I hope they're ok..) You have given so many fabulous suggestions, thank you. I love it when someone else has done the research for me! Fantastic post! Rachaelxx