... Beach House Bliss

So excited.  We have bought a beach house.  It is the most serene place, it backs on to a national park and just beyond the trees is the beach - it is so close you can hear the waves.  Something we have been looking for, for a long time.  It's perfect, or will be after I dowse everything in white paint.  As Carrie Bradshaw says I have been "cheating on fashion with furniture" Ooooh it's so much fun.

.....cold but lovely in Melbourne this morning

It's cold here in Melbourne this morning, just how I like it.  I am sitting in my home office, ready to start my working day (go here if you would like to see my work), with heater on and puppy at my feet, all that's missing is my hot chocolate. Enjoy your day.

Happy Super Bowl

Happy Super Bowl to my lovely American friends - hope your team wins.

(...love this).

.....Back from the Beach

Back from a wonderful time at the beach with family and friends - we all had the best time ever. Happy 2013. xxx


My new website TIME FRAMED has finally launched, complete with new look logo.   Would love you to visit.  Press here to view.  Hope you like it.

...Camilla Franks

I am steadily building up my "Camilla" collection. ALL of her pieces are so versatile - each piece can be worn at least 3 different ways.  Here is a sneak peak. 

.....animal love

It is no secret I am an animal lover, but how could you not be when you see these priceless pics.  Hope they make you happy. To see more go here.

.....I'm no dummy!!!!

Every time I see this picture, it makes me laugh.  Hope your weekend is a happy one. xxx

.....warmer weather picnic idea

Well it was a chilly one this morning in Melbourne, 3 degrees.  I do love the cold, but it's time now to start thinking of the warmer weather and all that it brings with it. Like picnics.  Now how fabulous is this idea.  I am definitely going do this on our next picnic. Easy, tasty and mess free, even the dressing is added.  Just tip jar upside down to mix and voila.  If you would like to see more of these cool ideas, have a look here.

..... Happy Weekend

With cold, rainy weather forecast for most of the weekend here in Melbourne, this is what I would love to be doing - snuggled up with my "apple" (and my beloved of course!) BUT sport, sport and more sport is on the agenda (as a spectator!!!), so instead I will don the "wellies" and brave the elements.   Happy weekend girls.

......last day of school holidays

Last day of school holidays here in Melbourne.  It has been nice and relaxing and although, most of Melbourne venture to the warmer climates at this time of year, I must admit I do love the cold, crisp Melbourne weather and all that goes with it - the roaring fires, the hot cocoa, the new puppy snuggling on our laps.  But I am looking forward to the beautiful blooms that are heading our way soon - only six weeks in fact.  Here are a sample of just a few.  Go here to see some more beautiful examples.  Happy week girls. x

.....Chanel love

I am an avid follower of The Zhush.  Sue has great style and flair.  A very popular regular post of hers is "Random Chanel".  These include lovely images of Chanel items and some "random" ones as well. Here are a few of hers, and a few I have sourced. You can see more here.

...loving Pinterest

I could spend hours  on Pinterest.  So many gorgeous images.

Here are just a few random pictures from my "pink" board.  If you would like to see more press here.

Here are just a few on my boards.