....I love APPLES

Hello there lovely girls.  Does anybody else share my IPAD love.  I don't have one yet (I say yet, as I am leaving hints to MM as I think it would make a fabulous birthday present!!!!)  Anyway, how easy would it be to read your fave book/mag anywhere.  When I go on holiday, my hand luggage is always so full of magazines and books - I would like to travel a little lighter and the IPAD delivers on that one  - more space for those 'shopping must haves'.  Granted, you can't beat a good book (in the physical sense I mean) but just for convenience it would be fabulous.  I "test drove" one last week and it was  easy to navigate (just like all apple products).  There are a few drawbacks though.  I am not sure if I should wait until there is an updated model or dive right in now.  You can't download pics to blogger for example.  Although I believe there will be an "app" one day - but when? and also no usb ports or disc drive.  But for convenience sake (particularly when travelling) are they really necessary?

I was "perusing" the lovely  Brooke Giannetti's blog at Velvet and Linen and she has found a fabulous interiors "app" to download and read on the IPAD.  There are over 200,000 apps to purchase now so I am sure I will find something!!!

I am such a lover on my iphone and imac that it just seems like a natural progression to get the IPAD.  Apple have just released their new mini imac too.  Oh  my goodness, should I go for that one instead?  Decisions, decisions, but seriously does anyone out there (yes, including all of you lovely "lurkers") know any interesting info about either one?  I would really love to hear if anybody knows about any "can't live without" apps for the IPAD too.

Speak soon.


  imac mini



Flaviana said...

Hi Shaz
I'd sure love to have one.. if I was able to use it, that is!
I'm afraid I'm as skilled as a goat when it comes to technology
hey..nobody's perfect!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I would love to have ALL of them! For now, I'm starting with a new Iphone. When you get one, give us a report! xo Lidy

A Room For Everyone said...

Hi Shaz, I looked into the iPad quite extensively recently and decided on a new MacBook instead (which I absolutely love). The iPad didn't appeal to me because the inbuilt keyboard is not great, the connectivity options are limited, it doesn't support Flash which I consider a problem, you can't multitask on an iPad and it is functionally inferior to a laptop and even an iPhone at this point. Having said that, I think it's a lifestyle thing. If you travel a lot and only require email, web surfing and the ability to read books without having to carry them around then I think it's great. No doubt it will improve over time too. Hope this is in some way helpful..Rachaelxx

Shaz said...

Hi Rachael, yes very helpful, thank you. My 11 year old agrees with you and is desperately trying to talk me out of it. I would really love it for taking away on holidays and reading on it, emailing etc, but it is a rather expensive option when I am only looking at it from that point of view. Thanks for your imput.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Hi Shaz. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment. I enjoyed viewing your posts and your creations on your other blog are wonderful! I also have to comment that my cell phone is unique in that it only works as a phone. LOL. I can't keep up with technology, so I don't try too hard. Connie

Velvet and Linen said...

I'm loving my ipad. I've found some amazing magazine apps, and it's also a fantastic way to show clients my portfolio. It's definitely my favorite new tech toy!