As we all have increasingly busy lives, I find myself "shopping" more and more online.  My favourite place to shop at the moment is a fabulous very glam website called Pinklily

Sascha Griffin is the very entrepreneurial owner and founder.  She invented the original "clear shoe box".   Her online shop has so many glamorous items from storage to bling  It really is well worth a visit, oh and the service is fantastic - guaranteed next day delivery in Sydney and usually two days anywhere else in Australia.  And as an added treat, wait to see how it arrives - specially packaged  in her "signature hot pink" of course, couriered straight to your door.

image 1: The very gorgeous Sascha
image 2: The original clear shoe boxes
image 3: Clear boot box
image 4: Handbagarage 


A Room For Everyone said...

It is a great shop, I really need some of those boot boxes..my husband has been complaining about my "boots in every shade and heel height lying around the house"! Rachaelxx

Shaz said...

Rachael the booty inserts are great too, they make your boots "sit up straight" so the leather doesn't get creased.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Sharon
Well I'm in trouble if I find more online shopping!!!... it's so easy to get carried away online.. but I will pop over and look!~

have a great week.. xxx Julie

Obee Designs said...

I wish there was a Pink lily in the US. I just love that shade of pink it looks like the store is done with. I could probably spend hours in there:) The clear shoe boxes are a great idea. Speaking of clear boxes, that lucite trunk is to die for. I am very traditional, but lately I am finding I am drawn to a little touch of lucite in a room for an unexpected pop. The traditional styling makes it such a winner. I the only thing I would store in that baby is air!! Ha Ha
Thanks for coming to visit and for your sweet comments. I hear you have three boys. Yes, you're right they are definitely less on the wallet :) I guess since I only have one girl, she can get a little more pampered. I was the last of three girls, so I got all the hand me downs...very little primping in my house growing up. It's ok though, I think I turned out ok.H aHa
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Have fun going to see Sex and the City.
Take care!

Flaviana said...

Hi Shaz
this shop is fabulous!! I wonder if they ship internationally? Gosh.. I feel like living in the third world.. there is nothing as glamourous over here :(
xxx Flaviana