French Toast

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This week has gone so fast - been a busy one.  Hope the weekend is a bit more leisurely. Enjoy girls.

images: Leisurely Breakfasts

Time Framed

This was my first ever "Time Framed" commissioned piece.  A fortieth birthday present.  I have built up my small business and I am pleased to say I am getting lots of orders.  School memorabilia seems to be very popular and "French themed" pieces too.  I will post photos on my "work bog" when I pick them up from the framers next week.  I would love you to pop over and have a look. 

Some Words to Live By

Food for thought.  Enjoy your week lovelies.

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Light Breakfast

The last two "leisurely breakfasts" I have posted have been slightly on the "calorific" side, so I thought with the warmer weather aproaching, this could be the wiser choice - still looks yum though.  Have a good weekend girls.

Scents and Sensibilities

With 5 males in my house (including the dog) is it any wonder I can't get enough of these gems.

You would think I'd have the sense to get a female pooch to even up the numbers!!!!!!


Love This - Pass it On

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turn off my playlist before playing this.  Hope you enjoy it.

We are only half way through winter here in Melbourne and tomorrows temperature is predicated to be 18c.    We haven't even had the heater on the whole weekend.  Quite unheard of (although it is Melbourne - notorious for having all four seasons in one day, so a heatwave in the middle of winter may not be too unusual!!!).  Ok, so 18c isn't quite a heatwave,  but it is reminding me of the warmer weather to come.  Hope it is nice and warm where-ever you are.

image 1: Notebook images 2,3 & 4 fffound

Butterscotch Pancakes

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After yesterdays long anticipated wait for the news of Jordan's operation and whether it was a success or not - we are all breathing a huge sigh of relief - it was a huge success.  Fabulous news. We can now focus on the weekend ahead with a happy heart. My 10 year old Ben, is having his birthday party.  We are taking a group of boys to gold class to see Harry Potter and then afterwards a sleepover.  I think butterscotch pancakes will be on the menu Sunday morning.  Have a great weekend girls.

Ralph - Gold

I am just loving these colours - my previous post on  Mela Purdie is featuring these  gold and pearly "hues"throughout her Summer range too.   Ralph Lauren does everything so well doesn't he.  His style is timeless, these outfits I'm sure wouldn't look outdated in 10 years. Better start saving my pennies for these babies!

Mela Purdie - Sneak Peek

Here is a preview of Mela Purdie's Spring/Summer range.  I love her style, and her fabrics  are gorgeous too  - predominately jersey and silk.  I practically live in her clothes, they wash well, need very little ironing and are quite timeless. Her range can be found in boutiques across the country. Go here to find stockists.

School's ALMOST back

Well one off to school camp tomorrow, one back to Uni and another back on Tuesday.  I do love the school holidays but I  need a holiday after them.  Tomorrow, I will spend getting the house and my life back in order and re-stocking the fridge - all these boys seem to do is eat.  Enjoy your week girls.

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Indulgent Breakfast

I love the weekly "Monday Morning Bed Post" A-M features over at It has inspired me to do a weekly post on "Indulgent Breakfasts", to be posted on a Friday so we can all be prepared and organised for a beautiful, weekend "breakfast in bed" (hopefully prepared by someone else!). I hope you enjoy them.  Oh and speaking of indulgences, A-Ms online shop Armchair Trader, is a must see too.

A-M's blogs are having temporary link problems, but if you type the first address in manually, you will get it up that way.  Fingers crossed A-M.x

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 images: Leisurely Breakfasts by Penny Farrell 

Camilla Franks -

I am fortunate to own a Camilla Franks kaftan - hopefully the first of many.  They really are a work of art, and depending on the style, are  beaded, knotted or embroidered by hand and made of the most exquisite silks and cottons.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Camilla has made the most of her talents and contacts - she is an accomplished dancer, actress, designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

She supports the wonderful voluntary organisation UNIFEM which for 30 years has helped improve the lives of women globally.  UNIFEM places women's human rights at the centre of all its efforts and focuses its activities in four strategic areas.:
- Reducing  feminized poverty 
- Ending violence against women
- Reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls
- Achieving gender equality in democratic governance in times of peace as well as war

Over the coming weeks I will show you some stunning images from Camilla's coffee table book "Women of the World Australia" which showcases many successful and inspiring Australian women - and what are they wearing?  Camilla Kaftans of course.  ALL the proceeds of this book have gone to UNIFEM