Camilla Franks -

I am fortunate to own a Camilla Franks kaftan - hopefully the first of many.  They really are a work of art, and depending on the style, are  beaded, knotted or embroidered by hand and made of the most exquisite silks and cottons.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Camilla has made the most of her talents and contacts - she is an accomplished dancer, actress, designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

She supports the wonderful voluntary organisation UNIFEM which for 30 years has helped improve the lives of women globally.  UNIFEM places women's human rights at the centre of all its efforts and focuses its activities in four strategic areas.:
- Reducing  feminized poverty 
- Ending violence against women
- Reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls
- Achieving gender equality in democratic governance in times of peace as well as war

Over the coming weeks I will show you some stunning images from Camilla's coffee table book "Women of the World Australia" which showcases many successful and inspiring Australian women - and what are they wearing?  Camilla Kaftans of course.  ALL the proceeds of this book have gone to UNIFEM










Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

These are stunning - I've never actually seen her designs before.

The Wifestyle Files said...

oooh can't wait to see this coffee-table book by Camilla. I love her designs....