Indulgent Breakfast

I love the weekly "Monday Morning Bed Post" A-M features over at It has inspired me to do a weekly post on "Indulgent Breakfasts", to be posted on a Friday so we can all be prepared and organised for a beautiful, weekend "breakfast in bed" (hopefully prepared by someone else!). I hope you enjoy them.  Oh and speaking of indulgences, A-Ms online shop Armchair Trader, is a must see too.

A-M's blogs are having temporary link problems, but if you type the first address in manually, you will get it up that way.  Fingers crossed A-M.x

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 images: Leisurely Breakfasts by Penny Farrell 


vicki archer said...

This is breakfast?...These delicious figs could be for lunch or dinner too, xv

A-M said...

Oh Shaz, thank you for your help with all my bloggy problems. I think I have worked it all out through the wonderful help of everyone emailing me solutions. I have stripped my blog of all widgets, changed comment forms and am strongly recommending people move from the IE browser if they can. What a wonderful idea - indulgent breakfasts.... I am gonna love these! A-M xx

The Pink Poodle said...

hi sharon...hey with both boys at uni...(& only one living at home)..
I should enjoy a lovely breakfast..
2 problems..
1...I dont eat brekkie as i am never hungry until lunchtime..(so maybe they would be good then).
2...hubby hardly home on weekends to cook them for me!!

BUT at least there is NO MORE saturday morning SPORTS RUNS all over Melbourne!! so someone should indulge me with this gorgeous dish..

maybe after dinner!!

xx andrea

Brabourne Farm said...

I'm about to have breakfast but it's not going to be nearly as lovely as this! Thank you Shaz for visiting Brabourne Farm and leaving a comment. Yes, we do have crab apples at the farm - they're so beautiful in spring! Leigh

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hi Shaz... have popped over quite a few times but have been unable to leave a comment so thought Id give it another go!! Love your blog & as for that breakfast what to say !!!! am looking forward to seeing more indulgent breakies...

Hope your enjoying your weekend

Lyn xxxx