....gone to the movies

Have often thought of having an outdoor movie screen for those lovely balmy summer nights - but how cool is this one? 
image: Tim Walker 

.......More Pale Blue Love

Not many posts this week, very busy with work and the rest of the time trying to thaw out (icy cold here - quite unlike my dear friends in Brisbane 36 celcius and bushfires!!!-very weird).  Anyway, how cool is this bike?  My kids are a bit too big for this one now, but a few years ago it would definitely have been on my "must have" list.  
Stay tuned, I will soon be posting photos of my "win" from Fabulously French. 
image: Madsen Cargo Bike 

Looking Pretty Desperate - Not!

...it is a chore but someone's gotta do it.  The weather is looking lovely, so getting the garden back to it's "pre-winter" state might be on the agenda too.  Happy weekend girls.  

Finding Balance

Work is so busy at the moment which is fantastic, lots of changes, all for the good but I find my time management skills could be much improved.  Suggestions anyone?  
I am an avid list maker - I couldn't get by without one but I am finding I need more balance, more time to meditate perhaps!  Couldn't get through my day without that one either.

images via Shack & ffffound

Be careful what you ask for!@@#!$!#!@

Well, here I was, in the middle of cooking dinner, and all of a sudden, this horrific noise from the front of the house.  The kids come running downstairs, "muuuummmmm, someone's gone through the front fence". 

We all ran outside and there was my poor neighbour, standing there saying, "my brakes failed, my brakes failed".  

Oh well, could be worse, no one was hurt.  She did a really good job of it though, the double gates, the side gate, two posts and the letterbox - totally obliterated.  I was only saying last week that I would like the fence painted! I should be careful what I ask for!!!@#$
image via flickr

It's Raining, it's pouring

It's pouring in Melbourne, and so warm considering it's winter ( although Spring is in sight!!!) - 16.5 celsius (62 farenheit) overnight!!!  We need the rain, our dams are about a quarter full.  So nice (and rare) that the whole family is home together on a weekend.  I think a roast will be on the menu for dinner.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend girls.
image via photobucket

Found It!

Found the perfect beach house for our summer holiday.  We looked through about 15 houses and it was the first one that  won my heart.  Has me inspired to get fit and lose those extra "winter kilos"!!!!!!!!

image via Toast

"Gone Fishing"

Going down the coast tomorrow with a girlfriend, having a look for a lovely beach house to rent for the family over summer.

It is absolutely freezing here in Melbourne, but it's memories like this of last summer that keep me going.  Can't wait - roll on summer!!!

images via flickr


Lovely mild weather here in Melbourne.  Not swimming weather yet, well, not for most people anyway. My husband is an "iceberger" which means he swims in the sea baths most mornings (up at 5.30am) , rain, hail or shine, summer AND winter.  The members just love it and the colder the better they all say.  Although, the majority of the population think they are mad, there must be something in it.   Alot of the members are over 80 and have been doing it for over 50 years!!!!!!  Think I will stick to a brisk walk!  Hope the rest of your weekend is a "warm" one.
image: via Toast

Yiiippppeeeeee - I WON

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Leeann over at one of my fave blogs,  Fabulously French.

I won the "100 post" giveaway.  Two gorgeous pink striped cushions.  They are sooo beautiful. I am very grateful and excited.  Funnily enough, the chairs the cushions are sitting on are almost identical to the ones I have. (I will post a  photo to show you when I get them). They were calling me!!!  

A big kiss to you  Leeann - you're an Angel.

Make Your Own Mosaic Magic

Mary, over at Little Red House creates gorgeous mosaics for her  "Mosaic Monday" post where she invites  you to make and display your own.   Pop on over and perhaps show off your creativity.

image Little Red House
image Little Red House

image via flickr

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cannelle et vanille

A little while ago,  I was "blog surfing" and  came across this absolutely divine blog called cannelle et vanille. I was wondering where she got all her beautiful images.  I "read on" and realised that she (Aran, a Basque expat now living in the U.S.) did all the baking, styling and photography herself.  Go over  here and have a look at her blog, you won't be disappointed.

All images are copyright of Aran Goyoagra and cannot be used without permission.

Roasted Rhubarb, strawberry, white chocolate and pistachio petit gateaux

strawberry and vanilla bean icecream floats
pink macaroons

Bakewell Tarts