Lovely mild weather here in Melbourne.  Not swimming weather yet, well, not for most people anyway. My husband is an "iceberger" which means he swims in the sea baths most mornings (up at 5.30am) , rain, hail or shine, summer AND winter.  The members just love it and the colder the better they all say.  Although, the majority of the population think they are mad, there must be something in it.   Alot of the members are over 80 and have been doing it for over 50 years!!!!!!  Think I will stick to a brisk walk!  Hope the rest of your weekend is a "warm" one.
image: via Toast


vicki archer said...

I am sure swimming every day come what may is the best thing in the world and I wish I could be so dedicated...but I am a warm weather swimmer only I hate to say. Bravo to your iceberger....xv

Kellie Collis said...

My husband sounds just like yours! No feeling!! I was in Melbourne last week. Its a gorgeous place. I had the most amazing meal at a place called Cookie!

paige said...

hi chaz! so nice to meet you. i'm so glad you dropped by & said hello. your blog is simply gorgeous with so many lovely images.
i can't imagine being an iceberger!!!
have a wonderful day

paige said...

shaz, not chaz
i'm so sorry