...civilized camping!!!

My two younger boys and husband love camping.  I have tried to love it.  I have even tried to like it. They do everything possible to make my camping experience comfortable, but it's still not something I enjoy. It cannot be said I haven't tried - I have, many times.
Perhaps I could be persuaded to camp in this beautiful library. (nup, still don't think so).
image: Tim Walker (love his work)


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Sharon
You could've titled this post 'It's What I Don't Love'... I'm totaly there with you.. i mean NOT there!! hhehe.. need my comfort these days.. not that I ever really like camping...

Have a great week xx Julie

Anna said...

Hi Shaz,

Your husband and my brother make the best camping trips. Don't worry I will go in your place like the fantastic sister in-law that I am.

See you Sunday Ho Ho Ho xxx

Anna said...
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Patty said...

That is my kind of camping!