..... Happy Weekend

With cold, rainy weather forecast for most of the weekend here in Melbourne, this is what I would love to be doing - snuggled up with my "apple" (and my beloved of course!) BUT sport, sport and more sport is on the agenda (as a spectator!!!), so instead I will don the "wellies" and brave the elements.   Happy weekend girls.

......last day of school holidays

Last day of school holidays here in Melbourne.  It has been nice and relaxing and although, most of Melbourne venture to the warmer climates at this time of year, I must admit I do love the cold, crisp Melbourne weather and all that goes with it - the roaring fires, the hot cocoa, the new puppy snuggling on our laps.  But I am looking forward to the beautiful blooms that are heading our way soon - only six weeks in fact.  Here are a sample of just a few.  Go here to see some more beautiful examples.  Happy week girls. x