.....Moonshadow The Musical (Preview)

 Can't wait to see the world premier of Moonshadow - take a look at the video, I think you'll like it.

...I love Pinterest - see why- it's hilarious

I just looooove Pinterest.  For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, it's an online pinboard.  A great place to save and share all your favourite images.  I have noticed that one of my pins has been "re-pinned" 48 times.  As you can see below, it makes you laugh.  A very original dummy!!!!

Happy week girls.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2012 Collection

The new Ralph Lauren 2012 collection is stunning.  Extremely wearable, beautifully tailored, the fabrics are stunning - in fact there is not one thing I can fault.
If you would like to see the new kids collection and e-cards, go here.
Sometimes we stumble across little gems.   Well I have definitely found one.  A little cafe in Domain Road, South Yarra (right next to the Botanical). I even love the name - it's called "My Legendary Girlfriend".  I believe it started on shaky ground, but everything seems to be on an even keel now. The decor is quirky, tea and coffee served in pretty china (the fit young male 20 somethings, and even the 60 plus fellows, all making their way from The Tan after their early morning "constitutional" don't seem to mind "supping from these pretties)  It has THE BEST coffee I have ever tasted, a big statement I know, but true.  And the menu simple but fresh and a bit left of centre.  A pleasant change from the norm (albeit tasty but conventional) fare at the Domain Cafe & The Botancial.  My new fave is the avocado & lemon juice on sourdough, topped off with the most perfect (not runny) poached egg, with fine slices of fresh chilli, mint and a sprinkling of persian fetta.

If you are in the area or even when visiting our fair city, do your self a HUGE favour and stop by.

I will be there again tomorrow morning for breakfast,  will be paying rent soon!!!  I will take some decent photos and load them tomorrow.

Happy week girls.

Look What I Got For Mothers Day . Lay-n-Go COSMO

My eldest son bought me this for Mothers Day.  It's called the Lay-n-Go COSMO.  Rather than emptying the contents of your makeup bag all over the vanity every morning and making a mess, just open the Lay-n-Go, it flattens out, then when finished, just pull the cord, and it's ready to go into your handbag.  So easy.  At the moment you can only get it in Australia from here.

To all the "mums" out there, show this to your partners or children and hint how easy this would be to make for a "special" Mothers  Day breakfast.  Nice idea don't you think?

Happy Mothers Day.

.....oooooh, it's been a while

It has been a while, and my only excuse is lack of time.  Pretty poor excuse, I know.  I see how many of you fit soooo much into your day, and thought, well, how are you all doing it.  We all have the same 24 hours a day, we all have families, work, play and so many other responsibilities. So I came to the conclusion that this was how it was done. It is all down to two things. Scheduling and simplicity. I have put these two things into practice for the past month and my life has been literally transformed. I have always been a "list maker", but never allocated time to any one project.  I would look at my list and become totally overwhelmed.   Below is my new "Mantra".  I love this so much, I printed it off, reduced it to business card size and had it laminated and I carry it in my wallet and stick it up at strategic points all over the house, just to remind me.  It works - try it.

So there you have it. "Scheduling and simplicity".  Pretty easy really - it has only taken me 48 years to "get it" though!!!!!

I have achieved so much in such a small time frame.  Speaking of which, my business (TimeFramed) is moving forward in leaps and bounds with a new website being developed and with it a new look blog.  Both should be ready in 6 weeks, so, watch this space.