Sometimes we stumble across little gems.   Well I have definitely found one.  A little cafe in Domain Road, South Yarra (right next to the Botanical). I even love the name - it's called "My Legendary Girlfriend".  I believe it started on shaky ground, but everything seems to be on an even keel now. The decor is quirky, tea and coffee served in pretty china (the fit young male 20 somethings, and even the 60 plus fellows, all making their way from The Tan after their early morning "constitutional" don't seem to mind "supping from these pretties)  It has THE BEST coffee I have ever tasted, a big statement I know, but true.  And the menu simple but fresh and a bit left of centre.  A pleasant change from the norm (albeit tasty but conventional) fare at the Domain Cafe & The Botancial.  My new fave is the avocado & lemon juice on sourdough, topped off with the most perfect (not runny) poached egg, with fine slices of fresh chilli, mint and a sprinkling of persian fetta.

If you are in the area or even when visiting our fair city, do your self a HUGE favour and stop by.

I will be there again tomorrow morning for breakfast,  will be paying rent soon!!!  I will take some decent photos and load them tomorrow.

Happy week girls.

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Melissah said...

Thanks for the tip - I used to live up the road from there so they were my local shops. I will check it out next time I have 30 minutes spare in SY!