...Wow, I am featured on Domestic Ease Top 12

I am featured in this weeks Domestic Ease, top 12.  If you haven't seen this website before, have a look here.  I think you'll like it.

Happy weekend.

...I will Love You Forever

Rest in Peace A.J., I will love you forever. xxxxxx

......Appreciate the annoying things in life.

I have had the painters in this week.  On day one, I was chatting away to the head painter about "paint colours" when in the background, my two eldest boys were squabbling.  I said to the painter, "I wish they would stop, it's very annoying.  He said to me, "Sharon, enjoy every annoying moment of their arguing, wrestling, squabbling" that you can.  My 20 year old boy went prawn trawling last year, the boat sank, my boy drowned, we don't have closure because no body was found, and every day I wish  I could hear the annoying sounds of my two boys arguing."  Well, boy did I take stock.  He's right, we should appreciate more in life, even the annoying things. 

Have a good weekend girls.