......a fresh start

Well Happy New Year to you.  We are just back from a fabulous 2 weeks down at the beach and I feel totally renewed and ready for all the wonderful things that 2011 will bring.

Out with the old, and that definitely includes toxic so called friendships.  Here's to new friends, and wonderful old friends, wonderful family, new experiences, new places to visit, making new memories and to lots of good health and happiness.

And yes I am focusing on all that is good and happy in the world, but we won't forget our Queensland neighbours.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you all.  xxx


Petit Coterie said...

It's always best to do a good detoxing. I think releasing toxic people is best and perhaps they will begin seeing the beauty around them and return as new friends when it's time.


A Room For Everyone said...

Happy New Year Shaz! They sound like great resolutions to me. I hope you have a wonderful year..Rachaelxx

Just Martha said...

Good on you Shaz! I firmly believe that life gets so busy that we need to focus on the good friends we have rather than the ones that are toxic. Good luck! It can get a bit hairy!!!