Just had to share this with you.  My youngest is still getting over it!!!!  Ben was looking out the family room window and "gazing and grazing" when suddenly, he was stuttering at me.  He couldn't get the words out.  I said what's wrong, whats wrong.  He was pointing, still stuttering then all of a sudden blurted out the words 'THERE'S A CHICKEN IN THE BACK YARD".  I looked outside and sure enough, there was "a chicken in the back yard".  Here are some shot's that he took on my iphone.  I thought it was amusing but Ben thought it was quite extraordinary - "A CHICKEN IN THE BACK YARD".  Don't know about you, but growing up in the suburbs, it really wasn't THAT unusual for people to have "CHICKENS IN THE BACK YARD".  Our dog Charlie thought all his Christmas (dinners) had come at once!!!


Gifts of Serendipity said...

I think there might be a posse of these chooks doing the rounds because we had three on the loose in our front yard last Thursday!

x Felicity

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A Room For Everyone said...

That is so funny! I guess my children would have the same reaction as Ben! Rachaelxx