...Christmas Shopping and Wrapping

Isn't this a pretty picture.  Well, this weekend I will finish my Christmas shopping.  I will brave the crowds first thing in the morning so I shouldn't find it too hard to get a park if I leave early.Then if I am super organised, I will have them all wrapped by Sunday.  I love wrapping - it gets all my creative juices flowing.  I bought the most beautiful wrapping paper this year.  I usually have different themes every year.  Last year, all my wrapping paper was gloss white with different colour wide grosgrain ribbon.  This year, I have three different colour papers.  Red, gold and silver and the paper is made up of glitter. I have  beautiful glitter ribbons in the same colours but will alternate the ribbons with the paper ie red paper, silver ribbon etc.  It sparkles at night under the tree when the twinkle lights hit the glitter and in the morning too when the sun shines on them.  The paper is a beautiful thick quality and believe it or not, I got them all from Big W.
sorry, again I don't know the origins of this lovely picture but if anyone does, please let me know.

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