.....Chanel love

I am an avid follower of The Zhush.  Sue has great style and flair.  A very popular regular post of hers is "Random Chanel".  These include lovely images of Chanel items and some "random" ones as well. Here are a few of hers, and a few I have sourced. You can see more here.

...loving Pinterest

I could spend hours  on Pinterest.  So many gorgeous images.

Here are just a few random pictures from my "pink" board.  If you would like to see more press here.

Here are just a few on my boards.

....."if it's not scheduled, it's not real"

Have had a great week this week, I am doing an eight week course for work and it is FANTASTIC.  I have learnt to much in the past two weeks.  A point that I have learnt that is sooooo true is (and maybe you can take this with you into the new week) - "if it's not scheduled, it's not real". Makes sense doesn't it!  I implemented this basic but profound rule this week and tripled my productivity.  With our lists, we can conquer the world (lol). Have a relaxing weekend. girls.

.....venturing into the "Boutique Wedding" market

As my business is growing and I am venturing into the "boutique wedding" market, I come across so many beautiful things.  Look at these little beauties, aren't they gorgeous.  They are from a company in San Diego called My Little Bakery - so clever.

Happy Weekend girls.  I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment -even from the lurkers out there :)

...Just do it

This has come across my desk at least 5 times this week.  Think it's a sign?  I'm gonna go for it.