...my Tiffany Tree

I have started a new tradition this year.  As all my friends know, I love Christmas and a few years ago for my fortieth birthday, I was lucky enough to be given a few Swarovski crystal ornament decorations and Tiffany Christmas charms.  I have been adding to these over the last couple of years also including Cathy Penton's beautiful charms with my family members names on them and various other Christmas themed charms.  The Tiffany charms are hung by strips of fine white organza ribbon or fine silver chains.  These are all hung from a lovely tree with dark chocolate coloured limbs with smatterings of snow.  I hope to post some pictures shortly (when the children and I can find the usb connection for the camera - so frustrating.  We had better find it soon, we have a few family Christmas functions coming up).  But in the meantime, here is a pretty picture of some crystal Christmas ornaments.

...civilized camping!!!

My two younger boys and husband love camping.  I have tried to love it.  I have even tried to like it. They do everything possible to make my camping experience comfortable, but it's still not something I enjoy. It cannot be said I haven't tried - I have, many times.
Perhaps I could be persuaded to camp in this beautiful library. (nup, still don't think so).
image: Tim Walker (love his work)

...Christmas Windows

An image  of the 2009 Bergdorf Goodman Christmas windows - love the colour, my fave as you know!

...Christmas Shopping and Wrapping

Isn't this a pretty picture.  Well, this weekend I will finish my Christmas shopping.  I will brave the crowds first thing in the morning so I shouldn't find it too hard to get a park if I leave early.Then if I am super organised, I will have them all wrapped by Sunday.  I love wrapping - it gets all my creative juices flowing.  I bought the most beautiful wrapping paper this year.  I usually have different themes every year.  Last year, all my wrapping paper was gloss white with different colour wide grosgrain ribbon.  This year, I have three different colour papers.  Red, gold and silver and the paper is made up of glitter. I have  beautiful glitter ribbons in the same colours but will alternate the ribbons with the paper ie red paper, silver ribbon etc.  It sparkles at night under the tree when the twinkle lights hit the glitter and in the morning too when the sun shines on them.  The paper is a beautiful thick quality and believe it or not, I got them all from Big W.
sorry, again I don't know the origins of this lovely picture but if anyone does, please let me know.

........Something to Remember this Christmas

Something to remember during "the silly season".

sorry, origin unknown.

Christmas Baking

This afternoon, in a very brave attempt, my middle son, Cameron and I are going to make these as gifts for friends.   Should be fun. I dont actually know the origin of these photos (sorry) but they look very "Martha" don't you think?

... Christmas Movie

I have now seen "A Christmas Carol" 3d with Jim Carey twice, once with girlfriends and once with the family.  We all loved it.  Highly recommended (bit scary for little ones though).

......Christmas is coming - my favourite time of year

                                      image: Better Homes & Gardens